• Chimney work - brick, steel, concrete and fibreglass
  • Specialist earthing systems installed to BS7430
  • Concrete repairs
  • High level maintenance including weed removal & licensed pesticide spraying
  • Safe access to high structures without expensive scaffolding
  • Repointing of brick and stone and water sealing
  • Standard and specialist paint systems
  • General and specialist demolition works
  • Inspection and general maintenance using industrial rope access techniques
  • Specialist access, both internally and externally
  • Scaffolding at height, without the cost of scaffolding from the ground
  • Work on cooling towers
  • High pressure water jetting
  • Roofing - new and repair work
  • Steeple jack work on churches, ancient monuments and listed buildings
  • Design and installation of lightning protection systems on new buildings
  • Refurbishment and upgrading of existing lightning protection systems
  • Erecting large advertising wallscapes
  • Work on flare stacks
  • Non-destructive testing indlucing digital video filming
  • Sealant replacement
  • Internal digital inspection of small diameter flue systems & chimney linings
  • General maintenance
  • Roofing - both new and repair work